20yrs of Crossroads

20yrs of Crossroads

“A Place to Find Direction in a Confusing World”


20 years ago, one early October Sunday morning in 1998, Pastor Eddie Hammond and Ron Lucas stared at the empty theater of the Sherman House on the northwest corner of the square in Sullivan. They stood there with wide-eyed expectation, wondering what God had in store for that first celebration kick-off. Not only wondering about that first day, but the future of what they were calling, Crossroads Community Church. 

They had spent the time in prayer, researched and studied the demographics of the area, shared many conversations with many people over many cups of coffee, and had made it known that they were feeling the call of God to plant a church in Sullivan, IN. 

As they shared the vision, some particular questions would arise in many of those conversations: “Isn’t there enough churches in Sullivan Co. already?,” “Why plant another one?,” and “Doesn’t that just confuse people?”.  The questions were well asked and in response Eddie would reply, “This isn’t like any other church you’ve been to before in Sullivan.” He’d tell them that Crossroads wasn’t being planted to divide the churches or to bring about competition, but it was being planted to make a place where the unchurched in the community would feel welcome with less barriers and a lot of love! He would end up by responding, “You should come and see it for yourselves!” And as a result, many of them did.

That first Sunday in October of 1998 (the 4th, to be exact), their team opened the doors to the Sherman House and 159 people stepped through to experience this “God thing” and to feel the love of Jesus. The new “church” concepts were introduced and allowed many barriers to come down that sometimes kept people from coming to church. Crossroads supplied a free breakfast of bagels and donuts, teas and coffees, and to this day they still do it so that a need, that many times hinders and become an excuse, would be cared for. Another barrier of thinking of not having the “right clothes” to wear to church was “thrown out the door” and instead, acceptance was highlighted. The words, “come as you are,” were emphasized and the love of Jesus was shared. A contemporary setting with contemporary music provided means for God to be present in very relevant ways.

The once envisioned concept has now become the reality of what is now Crossroads within the community of Sullivan. The great reality of love that is Jesus Christ and how He brings order to “the crazy chaos” of this world as we know it, is presented and sought after. God has allowed Crossroads to help the community find some direction and to speak the truth of the gospel into many lives. We are celebrating 20 years as a family and a community called Crossroads Community Church. It truly has been, and will continue to be “a God thing”!

          We understand that no church is perfect...and we will agree with you that we are far from it. But in our pursuit of THE Perfect One, Jesus Christ, and His love, we must continue to open our hearts and our minds to the leading of the Holy Spirit through God’s Holy Word. In doing this, we strive to aim for a higher goal other than the fleeting treasures many in this life feverishly strive for. 

We, as Crossroads, hope to continue to be a part of the communities of believers of Jesus Christ in this area that help shed light into a dark and oppressing world. Jesus is still relevant and He is the answer to today’s struggles. It is our mission to make an impact of His love to those around us! May the love and grace of God bless you each as we all search for the foundation to which we need to stand on.  That foundation we believe is the solid rock of Jesus Christ!